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Making Space for a Productive 2019

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Flower with Seed Pods Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas

Happy Monday!

I hope all is well with you! It is that time of year where many of us are actively planning, goal-setting & preparing for a happy and productive New Year. I personally don't believe in New Year resolutions but I do love the clean slate effect of a New Year and the inspiration it gives me to assess the past year and make adjustments where I see fit. I also love that this time of year comes on the heels of extended time spent with family and loved ones which amplifies this reevaluation effect. I find myself asking questions like these:

  • What did I do well this year?
  • Where can I make improvements?
  • What is my theme/overall goal for this New Year?
  • Where am I getting bogged down and how can I lighten my load?
  • What are my obstacles?
  • Where is the low hanging fruit?
  • How can I spend more time doing what I love and less time spinning my wheels on activities that distract me from my goals?
  • What can I simplify?
  • How can I better budget my time?

My goal for this year is to get organized. 2018 was a crazy year with many highs and lows. Our family closed up a brick and mortar retail business. I worked on some labor intensive projects shortly after that which took up most of my time during the spring and summer months. Thereafter I started a new job that was supposed to be flexible but it wasn't a good fit for our family. Thankfully, I am very blessed and fortunate. Our family is healthy and our needs are met. All is good and I can't complain! My youngest child will be going to kindergarten this fall so I am grateful for the opportunity to stay home and spend this formative time with her before I see her off. 

I am feeling incredibly excited about 2019 and I hope it is a great year for all of us. In many respects I was operating in survival mode in 2018 for some time. After analyzing my current situation, I found that my biggest obstacle (within my power to defeat) in finding time to make art is inefficiency from a day-to-day household operations perspective. If your kid can't find their shoes in the morning or a pair of socks that can burn 20 minutes of your morning away. If you can't find a file you need there goes 20 minutes or more. Sometimes it is the little things! The more organized you are, the more focused you can be since you aren't distracted by the "if you give a mouse a cookie" response. I basically want to eliminate as many situations as possible where my free-will is undermined by demands because of a gap in systems or infrastructure. Am I making sense? I hope so :D 

I am also moving into a new phase of parenthood where I can realistically delegate chores to my children (which is freaking awesome). These past three weeks I have been purging stuff that no longer serves me, re-organizing, re-decorating, getting our family on a regular schedule of chores and getting my digital life organized as well. Everything is falling into place and I am feeling pretty stoked. The less time it takes me to find something, both physical and digital, the more time (theoretically) I should be able to spend making art. This will not be a silver bullet but I know it can only help. As part of this effort, I am ready to let go of some art to make space for a new body of work. 

At the moment I have a couple of acrylic paintings on stretched canvas up for auction on Ebay, check it out:

Flower with Seed Pods 1

Flower with Seed Pods 2

The starting bid on each of these paintings is .99 plus the cost of shipping (approximately $4). 

I will continually add new auction items as I make space for more work and will  use Ebay as a vector for my more whimsical, fun & experimental work that is more home decor friendly and more easily collectible from an affordability standpoint. 

What will you be making space for in 2019? I would love to hear your take! 

Thank you for looking and I wish you a great week and ultimately, an awesome 2019!


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  • tina on

    What a wonderful way to start the Year! I love how you’re so willing to change!

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