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Bio & Artist Statement

Roxanne Zuniga Blackwood Headshot 

Artist Bio
Roxanne Zuniga Blackwood is a Mexican-American visual artist residing on the edge of Portland, Oregon in the small, growing City of Sherwood with her husband, two daughters and a small crew of pets. She spent her formative years in Modesto, a Central Valley city in California and spent over a decade in Silicon Valley before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2010. She works with oils, acrylics, and water media. Roxanne is also an art instructor and contributing art exhibit curator for the Sherwood Center for the Arts
Artist Statement
I love to create, I always have since I was a child. When I was quite small, my artist father used to work late night hours for his "day job" so I saw him very little during the week. To let me know he was thinking of me, he would tape fantastical drawings onto the wall above my headboard. I would wake up to his drawings of clouds, animals and people flying in the sky. These drawings would bring me great joy as well as sparked my imagination.
I learned at an early age that I could make up my own world with art. I have always been inspired by beauty such as flowers, rainbows, butterflies and insects. I have always loved depicting the figure through portraiture and narrative painting. Color is an important element in my work and I am always looking for new ways to add magic to a picture through pleasing color palettes, expressive brushwork and the buildup of nuanced layering of paint. My work is multifaceted & eclectic as I aim to create bridges between the evolving technical narrative and my intuition. I am especially interested in investigating the concept of courage as we journey through life as humans searching for self-actualization and meaning as well as exploring notions of divergence, hybridity, the cycles of life. 
I continually find inspiration by trying to look at the world through the lens of a child, especially in this season of life as a mother of young girls. I am in awe of my children's ability to live in the moment and how they find joy in small things. They can see the world as this dreamy realm with limitless possibilities laid out just for them. I want to infuse their essence into my paintings and I always keep them in mind when I am making my work. All of this pairs well with my longstanding fascination with childhood, a time period that holds so many keys to unlocking self discovery and universal truths.