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Portrait Commissions

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me to paint a special work tailor made for you. It is an honor to paint and commemorate the people, places, pets and special objects that you love so very much. 

Pricing (base fee) - Acrylic Paintings*


11x14  Stretched Canvas $275; on Canvas Panel $250; on Paper $225

16x20  Stretched Canvas $400; on Canvas Panel $360; on Paper $320

18x24  Stretched Canvas $500; on Canvas Panel $400; on Paper $360

24x36  Stretched Canvas $800

36x48 or larger on Stretched Canvas $1200 and up

*Pricing is for one subject with a smooth, single tone background with appropriate shading such as: a portrait showing head, neck and top of shoulders with a plain background in a chosen color, or a singular pet or object in its entirety with same type of background and appropriate shading/shadows. 

Pricing - Oil Paintings 

Same as Acrylic Paintings plus 15% additional fee (calculated per initial base fee)

Learn more about (my opinions) about Acrylic vs Oil Painting here.  

Additional Costs (calculated per initial base fee)

20% added charge for complex background, i.e., landscape, detailed wall, pattern, leaves, flowers, trees, graffiti, etc. 

10% added charge for full figure portrait of person (showing anything more than head neck and top of shoulders)

10% added charge for each additional person, pet or object of prominence

10% added charged to paint set of hands in detail

To get started, please email me with the following information:

  • A brief synopsis about your project
  • Who is this painting for?
  • What is the subject (person, place, pet, other)?
  • Why is this painting important to you?
  • What is your vision for this painting?
    • What will the background look like?
    • Is there anything of significance that you want included in this painting like an object or favorite color?
  • When do you need the painting completed by?
  • A clear photograph of your subject as well as any additional photos that help provide context about the subject and the setting/background you wish for them to be painted in. Please provide photos in .jpeg format as attachments in your email. 

Please send all information to

To officially begin the commissioned painting a 50% deposit is required after we have reviewed the project details and we have an agreement in place.